Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions set out below shall apply to all online bookings for the entire rental period and for all occupants of the rented property.
1. Duration, check-in, withdrawal
1.1 The duration of the rental agreement shall correspond to the check-in/check-out dates.
1.2 If you have chosen a flat with traditional check-in, the Etesian spa staff will meet you at the flat from 3:00 p.m. to midnight to give you the keys and show you the flat. You will need to inform us of your arrival time at least 24 hours before the start of your stay.
If you have chosen a self-check-in flat, the flat will be ready for you to check in at 3 p.m. You can check in earlier than this, but the cleaning staff may still be present. In any case, you cannot check in prior to 11:30 a.m.
Regardless of the type of check-in you have chosen, you will need to complete the online check-in procedure prior to your arrival. Once you have made your booking you will receive an email with a link to the check-in procedure. As this information is required by law, please complete all steps otherwise we will not be able to let you into the flat.
1.3 In order to cancel your booking, you shall refer to your booking voucher, which contains the cancellation conditions according to the chosen rate.
2. Payment, use of the flat, stay in the flat and guests' obligations, utility costs
2.1 After booking, a voucher will be generated showing the costs of the stay, final cleaning, and tourist taxes.
2.2 The property is rented to you for tourism purposes only.
Only the number of people that the flat can accommodate (including children) as indicated in the online description, are allowed to stay in the flat.
When booking, you will need to inform us of the number of people who will be staying with you in the flat.
Once the reservation has been made, by completing the online check-in procedure it will be necessary to provide us with the personal data and identity document number of the main guest and the personal data of any remaining guests to allow us to make the necessary communications to the Police Headquarters.
Without this information we will not be able to let you access the apartment.
You must inform us if the number of Guests staying in the flat is higher than the number of Guests you indicated during the booking process, in which case we will have to update the reservation and you will have to provide us with the details and documents of the additional Guests via the online check-in process.
Small pets are allowed inside the flat; at the time of booking, you shall indicate your intention to bring your pet with you, so that Etesian spa can carry out adequate cleaning of the premises after check-out. When checking in online you can pay the required supplement which will be charged through the website.
2.3 Neither you nor the other occupants of the flat are allowed to perform any act and/or behave in such a way as to cause nuisance to the other inhabitants of the building and/or neighbours. In particular, it is not allowed to organise parties inside the flat and it is forbidden to smoke in its premises. You will be liable for any transgression and/or non-compliance with these provisions and you will therefore be obliged to hold Etesian spa harmless from any prejudicial consequences that may arise.
2.4 It is forbidden for you and the other occupants of the flat to sublet or grant the use of the property to third parties, even on a temporary and/or precarious basis, under penalty of ipso jure termination of the rental agreement.
2.5 For stays lasting more than 31 nights it is important that you know the following:
mid-term rentals involve additional costs due to the IRS, such as: Registration Tax (1% of the total amount of the reservation), Stamp duty (32 Euro), Contract registration (25 Euro) and, in case of foreign Guests, generation of a provisional Italian Tax Code (30 Euro).
Furthermore, utility bills are excluded and will be calculated at checkout according to consumption.
For termination of every reservation over 30 days the termination notice will vary from 2 to 6 months.
For reservations over 10 months the Agency fee and the 1st month rental are not refundable in case of cancellation before arrival.
A 6 months notice is required when terminating a contract/lease early, in order to avoid losing any of your prepaid security deposit.
2 bis. Extra services: during the online check-in procedure you can purchase some extra services related to your flat, such as late check out, baby cot, highchair, pushchair, garage.
3. Damage, return of the flat and deposit, changes, innovations, and additions
3.1 At the end of the tenancy, you shall return the flat, its furniture and fittings in the same condition in which they were handed over to you. Additionally, you will be liable for any breakage, deterioration or destruction suffered by these items during occupation.
3.2 You shall notify Etesian spa if there are any anomalies, malfunctions and/or damage.
We understand that minor damage may occur during your stay (e.g., broken glasses, plates, cups, etc.) and it is not our practice to charge for such minor damage.
You shall have the utmost respect for the flat, its furnishings and fittings, also in order not to create discomfort for the guests who will stay after you.
3.4 You shall not make any changes, innovations, or additions to the flat or to the existing systems. For any changes, innovations or additions made, unless authorised, Etesian spa shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to restore them to their original state at your expense or to maintain them, without owing any sum whatsoever.
4. Liability
You shall behave responsibly inside the flat and you shall release Etesian spa from any liability for direct or indirect damages that may derive to you and to all the people and animals present in the flat from the incorrect use of the property or from the intentional or negligent act of third parties in general. Etesian spa shall also be exonerated, for causes beyond its control, from any liability for any unforeseeable damage to persons or things caused by the structural characteristics of the flat (such as stairs, railings, mezzanines etc.), by defects in the connection, installation or functioning of electrical, sanitary, hygienic, heating materials etc., as well as by the use of the same.
Etesian spa shall, in any case, be exonerated from any liability for causes beyond its control, in the event of accidental or extraordinary events and in particular for damages caused by storms, flooding, broken sewers or pipes in the rented property, in the common parts and in the other units of the building.
5. Check-out and return
You shall return the flat by 10:00 a.m. on the day of check-out, leaving the keys inside the flat. You shall accept the outcome of the check that Etesian spa will carry out on the conditions of the flat, its furniture, fittings, and systems.
If the release is delayed, you will have to pay double the daily rental rate for each day of delay by using your pre-authorised credit or debit card.
6. Privacy Policy
You will be given the privacy policy also for the other occupants of the flat.
7. Lost property
The objects that you will have forgotten in the flat and that will be found after its release will be kept in custody by Etesian spa for a period of 15 days, waiting to be claimed by you, and you will have to bear any necessary cost for their return. Following this period, the objects will be delivered to the administrative bodies in charge of their custody.
8. Essential nature of the conditions
All of the above conditions are essential and form a single and inseparable agreement. Therefore, the violation of even one of them shall entitle the termination of the contract, with the consequent obligation to immediately vacate the flat.

City Tax; 5.5 euro per day per person over 12

For last minute bookings for the same day, waiting times for check-in may increase up to an hour based on arrival time and internal organization.